Amazon Storefront

The in-store experience is key for brands to drive shopper loyalty and increase sales. The Amazon Brand Storefront — a new customizable solution that allows vendors and sellers to create their own brand stores on -provides customers with an immersive virtual shopping experience.

Worried about boosting your product with ads, but having your competitors on the same page? Now, you can bring the traffic to your page, and keep the sale. With Amazon new feature, allowing registered brands have their own storefront – you can promote your brand and increase more sales. Best of all, you have the control on what products you can have shown on your page.

Create a branded Amazon Storefront that displays the products you want, in the format you want, while providing valuable information to Amazon customers.

Amazon Storefront lets a brand owner:

  • Design Layouts – Sellers can customize the way the page looks.
  • Customize Images – Upload images that help tell your brand’s story. The images can include text on them as well.
  • Multiple Pages – Create different pages in the store based on the categorization of your choosing.
  • Direct Links –  Each image can have an added link direct to the product page.
  • Social Media –  Add your Social Media Icons to your storefront and gain more traffic.

Storefronts can communicate not just the details about your products, but also the story behind what makes your brand special. Consumers are latching on to brands they believe in; so show them why your brand is different. Storefronts are a great way to showcase your top selling products as well as design a consumer-friendly main page for your brand.

If you are brand registered on Amazon, contact us today about creating your own storefront!


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