Brand Decks

Brand decks are a visual representation of what your brand stands for, which can be very useful for marketing to retailers and vendors. Brand decks include your brand’s story, product catalog, and other information that you want vendors to know about your brand. Brand decks are great for trade shows, meetings, and any other event where you will represent your brand.

How we do it:

PR Brand Marketing uses your product images to create a beautiful catalog with lifestyle images and product information for each product. Combined with your brand’s story and goals, this will never fail to impress!

What our brand deck includes:

  • Product Catalog
  • Lifestyle Images
  • Writing Your Brand Story
  • Narrowing your target market/audience
  • Specific niche reach
  • Differentiating you from your competitor
  • Marketing plan/scheme that fits your industry
  • Future Products you will come up with
  • List of all wholesalers, retailers and online accounts

What we need from the Client:

  • Product Images
  • Information about your Brand

Turnaround Time

This usually takes between 7 to 10 days, starting when we receive your images and any other pertinent information. Rush service is available upon request.


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