Email Marketing

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Email Marketing is a highly effective way of reaching out directly to the consumers you want and potentially having them as your clients. Email marketing has proven to be a 45% more effective method to convert your prospects into loyal paying customers.

Generally, we look into the what industry your company is and we categorize the different types of potential clients and create an email list, targeting the customers and audience you want. The goal is to build the contact list that fits your company. We would always rather create a smaller, targeted email list of clients who will actually engage with you, as opposed to mass email lists who don’t even open their emails.

Once we have the email list created, we reach out to them with personalized made emails for each. Our goal is to earn their trust, make them interested and get them to reach back to us to want to know more. We want to build the connection and create a business relationship.

These smaller email lists are also useful for sending regular updates out on offers, sales, discounts or new products.

What We Need

We start off with data mining and customer research. This will take some time, as we want to create the most accurate and targeted list possible. We can then start sending emails using an email address from your company website.This way, vendors will be able to trust the sender, and know we are not scamming or sending out spam. We will require a catalog of your company products to give to vendors who are interested.

Sellers Will Provide Us with the Following:

  • Wholesale Prices
  • Email with the company website domain
  • Product Catalog
  • Information about your brand, and target audience

Following Up

While we create the email list for you, there will be instances when the email or contact person will not be available. We can then reach out by calling the company.