Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a highly effective way of reaching out directly to past and potential customers. You can use your website to build an email list of subscribers. Once you start collecting emails, start sending out regular updates about offers, sales, discounts, blog posts, or new products you are launching.

Other forms of marketing require spending money to target your potential customer, although you already interacted with them. With email marketing, you can send as many messages as you want, without ever having to pay to reach your customer. They convert well – as the average advertising email campaigns see a 16.48% open rate*. Email marketing is well worth the spend, with an average ROI of 122%**.

Once you have your email list set up, you will need to write and design emails to send out. Emails will need to be attractive, simple, sleek, and easy to understand. They should contain offers, new products, useful information and a call to action to bring people back to your website.

Email marketing can be a great tool for your business. Using your email lists, we will design and write emails for your campaigns.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Build Strong Customer Relationships
  • Delivers Targeted Messages
  • Drive Past Customers
  • Drive Sales & Revenue
  • Easy to Share & Measure
  • Great Conversion Rate
  • Great ROI
  • Much Cheaper than other Forms of Advising
  • Reaches a Global Audience

As you can see, the benefits of marketing seem to be endless! This powerful digital marketing tactic allows businesses of all sizes to reach and engage with their audience, wherever they may be. If you need help with implementing the benefits above, contact our marketing firm today and we will love to help you.

*Yearly MailChimp data.

**Study by eMarketer.


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