Product Images

The product image is your first chance to land a sale. The image you include in your listing is the first impression a customer gets of your product. A low-quality product image can send the message that your product is poorly made, or that your business is less than legitimate. However, when you have a professional-looking, high-quality product images it gives the customer a compelling reason to take the time to click on your detail page to read your product description or to look at your product reviews to consider your product over the competition.

Using photos also helps you describe the item better, and provides the customer with more insight about the product.

Product Images Package Include:

Image 1 – Hero Image – Entire product clearly on a white background

Image 2 – Product Dimensions in inches or feet

Image 3 – Infographics – zoomed in product features

Image 4 – Product Usage – how to store, use or clean the product

Image 5 – Lifestyle Image presenting products on models


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