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The best product ever created won’t generate sales if no one knows anything about it. That means everything needs marketing to make an impact on a consumer. When you sell items on Amazon, one of the best paid marketing options is Sponsored Ads. This investment places your listing in search results and on product pages. You don’t pay for anything unless someone clicks on the link.

Are Amazon’s Sponsored Ads worth the investment?

Should I Be Using Amazon Sponsored Ads?

The primary benefit for many sellers is that Sponsored Ads pay for clicks instead of impressions. If no one looks at your listing, you won’t pay anything. Sellers don’t need to pay separately using a credit card for the feeds. Once you reach the current credit ladder, the amount gets deducted from the sale proceeds.

Here are some of the other benefits to expect when investing in Amazon Sponsored Ads for your listings.

1. You Reach Buyers

Sponsored Ads display in prominent places for buyers looking for something specific. This technique turns the paid campaign into something more organic. You’re already targeting warm leads that could be looking for what your listing offers. These listings appear at the top of each keyword search while being sprinkled throughout the scrolling process. That makes it easier to get noticed, even if buyers click elsewhere.

2. Improved Ranking

When you choose Sponsored Ads, your products can go right to the top of the search rankings for your preferred keywords. That makes your brand more visible and attractive, especially if the listing delivers a tempting offer.
Choosing the best keywords helps this process immensely. Choose those that drive leads your way while having a low cost per click. Then optimize your listing to capitalize on the attention you receive.

3. Worldwide Audience

The items included with Sponsored Ads receive global visibility. You can get millions of views per day, even if the item is only put up for long-tail keywords, if you’re in a competitive category. If your competition is seeing more organic listing results, this investment can bypass that benefit so that your items get seen first.

4. Responsive Tech

The advertising options available through Amazon work well across all devices. Your sponsored lists display on the app or in the browser, allowing shoppers to enjoy finding your items on smartphones, tablets, and similar devices.

5. Usable Metrics

Sponsored products on Amazon provide a reporting feature that lets you see how each campaign performs. If something isn’t matching the goals or metrics you’ve set, it’s easy to pull the plug on that investment. You know right away if something performs great and deserves a boost, or if it is under-performing in its category.

When you choose Amazon Sponsored Ads, the average cost per click across all sellers, categories, and industries was about $0.80. Although that price doesn’t guarantee a transaction, no other marketing effort can promise something different. That’s why this investment makes sense as a seller. You’ll get more attention.

Make sure these clicks translate to sales with an optimized listing – reach out to PR Brand Marketing to learn more.

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