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Before you start selling on Amazon, you’ll need to choose an individual or a professional plan. The first option charges a fee each time you have a transaction, while the latter provides a flat-rate cost that applies no matter how many times a customer comes your way.

Once you’ve made that decision, it’s time to prepare for your next 90 days. The first three months you spend as an Amazon seller are critical for establishing your brand and reputation in this marketplace. That’s why the Perfect Launch program is worth reviewing. It uses five selling programs to accelerate your position to generate sales quickly.

What Are the Five Programs to Review on Amazon?

Amazon offers Brand Registry, A+ Content, Fulfillment by Amazon, Automated Pricing, and Advertising programs for new sellers. Although joining these programs is optional, they can be helpful when you’re first getting started. Here’s a closer look.

1. Brand Registry

New sellers enrolling in Brand Registry get 5% bonuses on up to $1 million in branded sales. That includes free Vine enrollment for a product to begin generating some product reviews. You’ll also receive up to 2,000 free transparency codes to protect your items against counterfeiting.

2. A+ Content

Sellers can use this content to showcase their product and brand on Amazon’s detail pages. You’ll see comparative product information, technical specs, and rich content inclusions that help your listing stand out from the competition. That includes videos, images, and setup info. Split testing is also part of that process to maximize your full potential.

3. Fulfillment By Amazon

The only way to get the coveted Prime badge on your listings is to use FBA by Amazon. This program requires you to store products at one of the company’s fulfillment centers around the world. When someone places an order, Amazon picks, packs, and ships the item. They even provide customer service.

This program makes it easier for companies to scale their business and reach more customers. Shoppers see the Prime badge and know they’ll receive their items within a specific time. New sellers receive a discount on inbound shipping using Amazon’s Partnered Carrier program.

4. Automated Pricing

Amazon offers a free automatic pricing tool that lets your listings adjust prices quickly to remain competitive with similar products. This option makes it easier to get into the Featured Offer for buyers searching for what you have.

You get to choose where to enroll, set specific limits, and let Amazon keep track of your competitiveness throughout each day. When you’re chosen as the Featured Offer, new sellers can see their sales activity rise dramatically.

5. Amazon Advertising

You can help people find your listings by creating a Sponsored Products advertisement. These items appear in the search results and product pages, and you only pay when someone clicks on the ad. This option lets new sellers offer coupons or run deals to increase their conversion rates.

When you start selling on Amazon, these tools help to simplify the process. The only way to get started is to create your seller account – Reach out to PR Brand Marketing for the  rest!

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