5 Product Development Tips for Every Amazon Sellers3 min read

5 Product Development Tips for Every Amazon Sellers

Shoppers like the combination of innovation and low prices. Unfortunately, those two concepts don’t always bake into a winning recipe without the proper product development.

Before launching a new business venture, all entrepreneurs need to work through the necessary steps that prove their idea has a place in the marketplace. With thousands of potential competitors on Amazon already selling similar items, these tips can help you get the process started on the right foot.

Best Ways to Approach Product Development Today

1. Bounce your ideas off of people you trust.

It is almost impossible to look at your product and see the same flaws as someone who isn’t as invested in the process. Ideas that seem great to you, might be perceived as below average by an outside observer. Before jumping all-in with your Amazon listing, it helps to speak with the people you trust to see if this concept is worth pursuing. 

2. Create a working prototype.

Although your idea seems great on paper, the concepts don’t always translate well into the real world. You might need to work on finding different materials or combinations before hitting the best combination for the marketplace. It’s always less time-consuming to sort out these details early on. 

3. Invest in focus groups.

Customer feedback is essential when developing new products for an Amazon store. The idea should be simple: to satisfy a specific need for your consumers. Whether their feedback is good or bad doesn’t matter because of its value.

Even if your customers recommend changes, it’s better to get that information now than after you’ve put up a listing.

4. Develop a strategic plan.

Most businesses fail when they don’t have a marketing plan to follow. A successful campaign narrows down the customer demographics, finds what they need to hear, and shows them how to solve their problems. 

The biggest mistake an Amazon entrepreneur can make is putting all their efforts into the product without establishing awareness.

5. Get prepared for a setback.

Most businesses experience at least one failure. Many of them can recount multiple times they thought an idea would succeed and then it failed. 

Setbacks are simply part of life, whether you work independently as an Amazon entrepreneur or run a larger business.

A failure doesn’t mean you’ve reached the end of the road. It’s an opportunity to improve and keep building towards the future.

You either win or you learn, which means you’re not really losing.

Are You Ready to Explore the Benefits of Selling on Amazon?

The best way to stand out on a platform like Amazon is to differentiate yourself from the competition. If you are not memorable, customers will not choose your product over the hundreds (or thousands!) of products out there. 

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