Product Packaging on Amazon: 5 Tips for Even More Success2 min read

Amazon Product Packaging

One of the biggest mistakes that new sellers make is to offer careless product packaging. When an item arrives damaged, a shopper often leaves negative feedback while requesting a return. You must do more than place the item at the bottom of a box while covering the sides and top with packing materials. Rough handling should be expected when shipping items to shoppers, which means it must have padding on all sides to protect it.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your product packaging on Amazon,


Here are some proven tips for success.

1. Use Custom Fit Boxes

Wasted packing materials and high shipping charges happen when you use boxes that are bigger than necessary. You’ll also find that packaging methods that just fit the product won’t leave enough room for cushioning. Before packaging your item, please remember to remove any collected debris or dust.

Place the item in one box before putting it in another, filling the gaps in each one with polystyrene, paper, or similar things. If you can shake the box without detecting movement, you’ve hit the sweet spot.

2. Use Recycled Materials

Reusing cartons and supplies can save some money, but you’ll want to avoid using boxes with tears or creases. This damage reduces its strength, which means you can end up with damage while still packing the rest of the materials correctly.

When you have biodegradable packaging materials for your Amazon sales, you’ll want to think about humidity and temperature before shipping something. The materials can break down under certain conditions.

3. Protect Fragile Items

The best way to protect breakable or fragile items is to use bubble wrap or polystyrene chips. It might be necessary to wrap some products with double cushioning to prevent damage. If you pack multiple things in the same container, please remember to leave enough of a gap to offer some cushioning. 

4.Avoid Using Small Boxes

Amazon sellers don’t want to hear that a high-value item never showed up. When you ship something expensive and small, those boxes can sometimes get lost during the processing work that delivery companies perform. That’s why all items should be put into a box that measures at least 7x4x2 inches. 

You’ll want to avoid anything that indicates the value of what is inside the box to prevent theft.

5.Use All-Weather Packaging

A package can get thrown around a truck, airplane, or cargo vessel with relative ease. If you use all-weather packaging for the shipment, it’ll be much easier to protect a shopper’s investment with your company.

Packaging can also involve how your product gets presented on Amazon. It should be bold, colorful, and make sense for your brand. When you can take those steps, you’ll find that creating positive customer experiences can be a straightforward process as a seller. 

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