A+ Page / EBC on Amazon Listings: What Are the Pros and Cons?2 min read

List of the Pros and Cons of Adding an A+ Page / EBC

If you sell products on Amazon, you might be familiar with Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). Sellers in a crowded marketplace need every tool possible to help them stand out, and differentiate themselves from their competitors. 

When you add an A+ Page, Amazon claims that adding this content to a product listing can increase sales by up to 12%. 

You qualify for an A+ Page / EBC if you’re approved in the Amazon Brand Registry. Emerging brand owners and professional sellers are also part of this community.

List of the Pros and Cons of Adding an A+ Page / EBC

Before jumping in with a new A+ Page, it is essential to review a few advantages and disadvantages of this resource. 

Pros of Adding an A+ Page / EBC

Cons of Adding an A+ Page / EBC

  • It differentiates your listings and products from the competition that doesn’t use this resource.

  • The A+ description allows you to add eye-catching text and images.

  • You can show off the crucial benefits of your product with more graphic visuals than the competition.

  • It is more attractive to use than the standard descriptions found on Amazon.

  • Businesses receive the option to use a video in their final main image slot for the listing. 

  • It allows you to cross sell other products on your listing that are similar to that product. 

  • This option can reduce your product return metrics while increasing your overall sales. It turns advertising clicks into paying customers. 

  • It takes more time to produce the content that customers interact with on your listing with A+ Content.

  • When buyers search for Amazon listings on a mobile device, they only see the first 200 words of the product description. They must click to open a new page for more details. 

  • You must use high-quality images to attract people to your listings. A low-quality graphic will reflect poorly on your brand. 

  • It isn’t always easy to focus on interesting and concise text. If you can’t find this solution, it defeats the purpose of this investment. Every word has a meaning to consider.

  • 40% of customers return purchases because of poor product content. Using this Amazon option won’t fix that metric if the information doesn’t have value. 

When you add the A+ Page / EBC to your Amazon listing, your organic traffic metrics increase by 5% or more. That’s why everyone who can use this resource is taking advantage of adding an A+ page to their listing.

Some listings can see much higher conversion rates with this option.  Ask yourself if you could obtain 10% additional sales right now, how would that impact your bottom line?

If your Amazon Brand Registry gets approved, you also get the option for uploading a video in the listing detail page main slot. 

Our team can help you achieve this content’s benefits while reducing the risk of product returns. Contact us today for an instant evaluation to see how we can help you drive toward more success!

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