Amazon Listing Tips: How to Create a Successful Amazon Product Listing3 min read

Did you know that more than half of all online product searches start with a visit to Amazon first? 

Therefore it only makes sense that Amazon Sellers want to have an active presence in this lucrative marketplace. 

Once you know how to create a fantastic listing, you’ll have an asset to use for all your future sales and gain the market share of the $100 billion dollars in online sales each year. 


What Are the Best Tips for Creating a Boosted Listing?

1. Use high-quality pictures.

Product imagery is one of the most crucial components of an Amazon listing. Some shoppers even think it’s more important than the product description. If you don’t have the equipment to meet this requirement, it helps to hire a professional.

The image should be at a high resolution. Images must have more than 72 dpi resolution. Images should be 1,000 pixels or larger in either height or width. This minimum size requirement enables the zoom function on the website.

2. Have an informative and entertaining text.

Amazon restricts an FBA title to 200 total characters. That’s plenty of room to use, so make sure the primary search term name and features get included. You’ll want to avoid promotional phrasing or special characters to prevent the listing from getting banned.

Use the bullet points and product descriptions to add the essential product details that don’t quite make it in other parts of the text. Some sellers even like to use this space to answer any typical questions buyers might have. 

3. Optimize the details for search.

Amazon uses the A9 algorithm that ranks product listings based on how likely a product will convert to a sale. Optimized keywords and accurate information help your listing get ranked better, especially if you add product identifiers.

Most shoppers look for something specific when they reach the Amazon marketplace. If your listing provides that information, it’ll let the algorithm know to display your product in the search results. 

4. Send follow-ups for positive reviews.

Customer reviews are the lifeblood of every listing. Some shoppers won’t even touch an item if it isn’t above a 4 star rating or above. That means it is up to you to stay on top of your shoppers to ensure each transaction receives positive feedback.

Although you’ll get some negative reviews, constructive criticism is an opportunity to showcase how you provide customer service. When you attempt to correct a situation publicly, the effort can result in a future sale from another shopper.

5. Keep checking in with your listing.

It’s easy to publish a listing and forget about it. Although the product might perform well, algorithms get updated, and search preferences change. When you review the information included with your Amazon listing periodically, you’ll help to keep it feeling fresh for each potential customer.


An optimized Amazon listing can help you find a path to success in your Amazon journey! If you’re ready to take your Amazon Listings to the next level, reach out to us, so we can help. Just drop us a message and we will get back to you with the next steps to get started!

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