Amazon Posts Could Be Your Next Ticket to Success3 min read

Amazon Posts

Amazon posts is a brand-new way to drive product and brand discovery. Through curated lifestyle imagery, it helps shoppers consider a feed that feels like a traditional social media scrolling experience.

When you’re active with Amazon Posts, your brand story gets delivered to relevant shoppers. They browse your categories on the marketplace, clicking through them to explore your feed. This structure lets them find products, click-through opportunities, and much more.

The posts appear on the Amazon mobile shopping app. 


What Are the Benefits of Using Amazon Posts?

Although any positive publicity is a good thing when you’re trying to stand out in a crowded field, Amazon Posts delivers three crucial benefits worth considering.


Share Content:

Amazon Posts allows for brand content to get shared with in-market shoppers. The imagers highlight your story and values to inspire them to keep looking.

Drive Product Discovery:

You can use lifestyle imagery with your products to teach shoppers the various ways to use your items. This process encourages them to review your Amazon Store to find even more of what you offer.

Free Content Posting:

This resource is an opportunity to share brand content without cost on Amazon. You can access it as often as you want, with the information appearing in your brand’s feed. It is also on the detail pages, in category-based feeds, and offered for related products. 


This option is currently available for sellers registered with Amazon Brand Registry. Vendors and Agencies who represent them also qualify.

You’re not required to advertise on Amazon to start using Posts, but you must be a current seller on the platform. 


How Does Advertising Work with Amazon Posts?

When you use Posts, you’re providing a new way for shoppers to discover your brand. It can also help Amazon customers to see what you offer in different ways. 

Since lifestyle imagery is the primary requirement for this service, it helps to have high-quality photography for your products. The images can help you maintain consistent branding while taking a different approach to presenting your items.


Amazon recommends repurposing imagery shared on social media pages to launch this opportunity. Although that might help in the initial days, you’ll find authentic and original content delivers the best results.

Because there is no limit to how often you can post, our team recommends adding content frequently. You’ll want to use the same frequency and schedule that works on traditional social media.


Can I Measure the Performance of My Content on Amazon Posts?

Several metrics are available to review when posting images to Amazon Posts. You can look at engagement, viewable impressions, and engagement rates. 

You don’t need to choose where your Posts get displayed with this option. Amazon’s systems automatically place the content on your detail pages and feeds based on how customers engage with it and its overall relevance.


If you’d like some help setting up Amazon Posts for your business, we’re only a click away.

Let’s see how far your brand can fly with this new resource!

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