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If you’re an Amazon Seller you know that the new hype is adding EBC, to your listings. However, how many of you really know the key benefits of EBC? Before adding EBC to your listing, understand the importance of EBC and why your listings should include them.

What is EBC?

EBC stands for Enhance Brand Content, this free feature started in November 2016, allowing sellers to expand their listing through content and graphics. Besides for adding more content and graphics to your listing, it also provides a brand story to your company.

How to Qualify for EBC?

In order to qualify for the EBC feature, you will need to have a professional sellers account, as well as have a registered Trademark. In addition, Amazon requires you to be part of the Amazon Brand Registry program to qualify.

Benefits of EBC:
  • Differentiates your product from your competitors
  • Turn advertising clicks into conversions
  • Reduces bounce off your listing
  • Increases keywords and good for SEO
  • Provides a visual sense for potential customers
  • Opportunity to write more about the product
  • Highlights major key points and product features
  • Provides a Brand Awareness and Brand Value
  • Increases the ROI of Amazon PPC Ads
  • Reduces Product Returns as well as Negative Reviews
  • Makes the listing standout, complete and professional
Options of EBC Templates:

Amazon provides with 5 options of preset templates as well as 1 custom template. Brands have the option to chose the best template to represent their product adequately.

  • Template 1 – Brand Logo, Product Description, 2 Header Images, 5 Product Features
  • Template 2 – Brand Logo, Product Description, Header Image, 4 Product Features
  • Template 3 – Brand Logo, Product Description, Header Image, 6 Product Features
  • Template 4 – Brand Logo, Product Description, 2 Header Image, 5 Product Features
  • Template 5 – Brand Logo, Product Description, Header Image, 6 Product Features, 1 Header Image
  • Custom Template – Create a customized templated from Amazon’s predefined modules

Uploading your EBC:

The uploading process is fairly simple following these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Advertising tab of your dashboard and select Enhanced Brand Content.
  2. Choose a template.
  3. Add your content to the modules.
  4. Submit for review.

According to Amazon, it can take up to 7 days for Amazon to approve and publish your EBC.

The goal when creating your EBC, is to provide informational content pertaining to the product, as well as high-quality relevant photos. Be sure that your EBC follows Amazon’s TOS to hasten the approval process.


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