Brand Deck Benefits: How to Get Started on Your Brand Strategy3 min read

Brand Deck

It isn’t always easy to get started with your visual identity or brand strategy. How do you know where to begin if you’ve never done something like this before?

That’s where the benefits of a brand deck can help. This resource lets you tell others about yourself, your products, and how it can help potential customers.  


What Is a Brand Deck and Why Do I Need One?

A brand deck serves as a visual representation of who you are and what you do. It’s a valuable tool for marketing to various vendors and retailers. 

When you have a great brand deck, it includes a product catalog, company story, and whatever other information you want people to know.

It’s a fantastic resource for meetings, events, and retailers. Here are the benefits you can expect when making this investment. 


1. Discuss the advantages of working with you.

Undeniable changes are coming to your industry. How can you help people see the urgency of the situation so that they will review what you offer?

Validating the shopper’s problem by showing the costs creates a tangible equation that reflects a quantitative approach. What is at stake if things are kept as the status quo?

2. Look at what gets in the way of forward movement.

For many shoppers, including B2B customers, one phrase gets in the way more than any other: “We have always done things this way.” When people get locked into a specific routine, they need to see the value of switching gears in tangible ways.

Without that nudge, there is too much risk involved with the idea of trying to do something new.

Other problems, such as legacy technologies or inappropriate metrics, could add new layers of complexity to the issues at hand. A well-structured brand deck can navigate those concerns.

3. Demonstrate that a better path is possible.

Your solution should be the best thing that a shopper has ever encountered. Think about what specifics demonstrate how you’re better than the competition while discussing the features that provide benefits. This place is where everyone can start visualizing the advantages that your brand deck promises, which means you’ll want to keep the message tight and focused. 

Your job here is to ensure that assumptions and guesswork get removed from the equation. The brand deck delivers concrete facts with a proven history of reliability.

4.Show the results instead of talking about them.

It helps to explain what was happening before to make it easier to see why everything is better now. Visual imagery is helpful for this step, ranging from screenshots to high-quality images of what a product can offer. The goal here is to keep the focus on the customer. Make sure to include high performing data and numbers, to really stand out from other competitive brands. 


When you’re ready to bring your inventory to life, our team can help you achieve a brand deck that puts the focus on your customer.

Reach out to PR Brand Marketing so we can get you started on a professional brand deck today. 

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