Email Marketing and Amazon: 5 Incredible Tips for Success3 min read

Email marketing

One of today’s most potent tools that Amazon sellers can use is email marketing. It’s also one of the most difficult strategies to adopt when on that marketplace because of how the platform limits your communication channels with shoppers. 

“Difficult” is not the same as “impossible.”


Here are some exciting ways that you can invest in this opportunity while maintaining your seller status.

1. Automate Your Review Requests

Although it feels like Amazon shoppers are your customers, they’re not. If you ask the e-commerce giant their opinion on the matter, they’ll tell you that those people are “their” clients.

If you are only selling on Amazon, the platform itself provides you with access to two billion visits monthly.

If you can automate review requests while maintaining compliance with Amazon’s communication standards, you’ll get more contacts with consumers.

2. Build an Outside Subscriber List

You can build a subscriber list for email marketing outside of Amazon’s sphere i.e social media, your website etc. This option gives you absolute control over the communication channels used. That means you can send subscribers the content you like whenever you want. 

That process often requires you to write a blog, get active on social media, and be proactive about finding valuable content to offer.

 3.Send Promotional Emails

After you’ve built an outside subscriber list, you can start sending exclusive promotions to those who continue to receive your messages. This information can include everything from discounted products to upcoming sales. 

Another great option in this category is to offer coupons through this channel.

About one email promotion per week is the right amount for most people. If you want to stay in contact with them, consider adding some educational messages that add to your expertise.

4. Create a Drip Campaign

Since Amazon has success with this technique for email marketing, you can certainly give it a try. The company uses several automated messages to generate sales opportunities for various listings. If someone adds an item to the cart, this option sends a reminder to complete the purchase.

A drip campaign can also offer product recommendations or additional information points that make sense based on the shopper’s activity.

By copying this strategy for your business, you can highlight the benefits of each product while educating customers about why your items are better. It’s also a way to follow up with those who leave a review or make recommendations based on previous browsing behaviors.

5. Run A/B Tests

The best way to get more people to open emails and act on your requests is to perform A/B tests. This option lets your business experiment with two email variations. You can start with the subject line, try different copies, incorporate unique design elements, and much more. 


If you’re ready to try email marketing with your Amazon listings, we have the information you need to develop a successful experience. Our team can also help you craft a great message that will allow customers to keep coming back because they want what you have!

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