How Can I Optimize Amazon Product Images?3 min read

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Amazon uses conversion and click-through rates in its ranking algorithms. If your product gets clicks and purchases frequently, you’ll get more attention.

One of the best ways to achieve that result is to optimize your Amazon Product Images.

Product photography is an underrated resource that can help your listings experience more success. When the image accurately portrays the product’s benefits, you’ll reinforce the initial value that encouraged the shopper to make the initial click.

What Are Amazon’s Image Requirements?

When you upload images to Amazon for your listings, the result can either work to achieve a great result or face the risk of being suppressed. 

Here is the information you need to know if you’re getting ready to upload Amazon product images.

Color Mode:

RGB is the preferred color mode of Amazon. 

CMYK, Grayscale, Indexed, Lab, or Multichannel colors are all risky ventures.

File Format:

JPEG is the preferred option. GIF, TIFF, and PNG are also acceptable.

Animated GIF files, vector files, layouts, and PDFs.

Height and Width:

It must be a minimum of 1,000 pixels wide and high.

Anything less than 500 pixels or larger than 10,000 pixels runs the risk of rejection. 

Image Accuracy:

Professional photography almost always delivers a positive result.

Jagged edges, blurry pictures, text-based logos, and mannequins are all heavily reviewed in the marketplace.

Image Design:

Amazon wants to see the entire product in the picture. It is useful to have a white background with a minimum of 1,000 DPI for zoom quality. The product should fill 85% of the image area.

The inclusion of additional products or accessories is considered confusing and irrelevant. Colored backgrounds are discouraged. Anything less than 72 DPI with watermarks, borders, or decorations is discouraged.

Photo Stipulations:

Images that show the product being used or placed in common environments are often helpful. Anything with different states or angles can communicate the item’s value with greater consistency. 

Images of minors modeling underwear or swimwear are not allowed. Brands cannot upload suggestive photos.

You can add up to nine images for each product listing. It helps to use this benefit to provide all the essential visual information for your item, highlighting the positive aspects in realistic ways for shoppers. 

The photographs must have a high resolution to enable the zoom feature. The goal is to let shoppers take a closer look at the item to build trust. 

How Can We Help You Today with Your Product Images?

Pictures that come to life are often the best when adding images to Amazon listings. It delivers the human context of the item while delivering a social component.

When you can show shoppers how they stand out with your product, it’s much easier to help them visualize the pain points your item addresses. 

Our product photography process is straightforward and meets Amazon’s requirements. We will send high performing images which consist of a product on a white background, infographics, product dimensions, product features and a lifestyle image. If you ship the item to our studio, we’ll get you the high-quality images needed for a successful listing.

Be sure to request an instant proposal to get everything started today!

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