How to Avoid Private Label Listings from Being Hijacked3 min read

Amazon sellers see their listing being hijacked frequently. This problem occurs when another seller post’s a listing for products which are similar to your own; while using your trademark or brand name in the title without permission. This problem can cause extreme frustration since it often leads to lost sales and negative brand reputation problems to solve.

Here are some ways that you can avoid having your private label listings from being hijacked. 

1. Own the Brand

Private label products are less likely to be hijacked because you own the logo or trademark. If someone else uses those items for their own purposes, you can pursue them through litigation for damages and issue cease-and-desist orders.  Try to own each element of your sales experience on Amazon. When you create unique branding for your items, it will prevent most issues.

2. Use Trademark Monitoring

Trademark monitoring services track unauthorized use of your branding, logos, and trademarks on Amazon. If you find listings that use this information without your permission, it can be reported to the site, with steps taken to remove the offending listing.  It helps to register all trademarks with the Brand Registry program on Amazon to protect your information in the marketplace.

3. Upload Unique Content

When listing products on Amazon, it helps to use unique product descriptions for each item. Try to have a different title for each product. This step helps to prevent hijackers from using your information to sell their products.

Unique content can provide SEO benefits and other marketing advantages, so it’s an investment that goes beyond avoiding private label listing hijacking. This resource helps consumers connect with your brand in meaningful ways, builds trust, and encourages sales.

4. Bundle Products

Bundled products make it harder for hijackers to steal your information to use for themselves. It forces them to change the description or product title since they’d need to alter the listing for the individual items in each bundle. Bundling on Amazon provides a secondary benefit. It helps your information avoid getting lost in search rankings for your items since the products get listed together.

5. Use Unique ASINs

When sellers create an Amazon listing, they receive an Amazon Standard Identification Number. This identifier is a series of ten numbers and letters that identifies items assigned by the website. Controlling this information prevents hijackers from using it to start selling their own products.

6. Monitor Your Reviews and Ratings

Review hijacking is an issue for sellers and shoppers. When people cannot base buying decisions from accurate information, it is possible for someone to purchase defective items without realizing what they’re doing. By monitoring your ratings and reviews that come along, it’s easier to find problems that you can work to get removed. Listing hijacking is a significant issue on Amazon, but it also occurs on most marketplaces. When you take steps to protect yourself, you’ll reinforce the value of your brand and products to each potential customer.

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