How to Boost Sales on Amazon Through Product Packaging Design3 min read

Boost Your Sale On Amazon

Have you ever heard of the Amazon honeymoon period?

This time happens when sellers have a new product launch on the Amazon marketplace. New listings often rank higher than average for specific keywords.

When you capitalize on this time, it’s possible to gain more visibility in front of shoppers who want what you have. The effort can often result in a sales boost, more reviews, and better consistency in long-term placement. 

By creating a listing as quickly as possible when you’re ready to sell, you can take advantage of the “Maldives Honeymoon” strategy. When you go big and bold with a listing, you can channel traffic your way with extraordinary ease.


Although that’s the first step of the process. To get there you want to ensure a beautiful product packaging on Amazon by incorporating the following elements: 

1. Add Contact Information

Although it isn’t a requirement from Amazon as it was in the past, it helps to give your company’s contact information in case something unusual happens. This data strongly indicates that you’re open to receiving feedback from others, which translates into value for the consumer.

2. Target Your Demographics

Everyone has different tastes and preferences. When you create packages for your Amazon products, it helps to think about what an ideal customer wants. If you understand the critical shopping base that works with your brand, it’s much easier to create a pleasing design.

The primary element to consider is consistency. Simple features, such as colors and fonts, can have an incredible impact on brand recognition. Once you get that moment established, shoppers will get reminded of what you offer every time they see your packaging.

3. Keep It Simple

Shoppers want product information presented to them in ways that make it easy to read. Try using a simplistic or minimalistic concept instead of cluttering your packaging with data points that no one reviews. Let the relevant information be the determining factor in what people see. 

If you leave any room for confusion, even the Maldives Honeymoon strategy won’t save you from a disappointed shopper.

4. Be Yourself

Product packaging plays a significant role in how people perceive brands and products. Although there aren’t any fixed guidelines on what is an effective result, the work you convey must be authentic. If shoppers think you’re pretending to be something you’re not, the result will be lower sales or fewer positive reviews. 

5. Avoid Marketing

Amazon has a stringent policy they enforce regarding direct marketing materials. They don’t accept non-platform labels, pamphlets, pre-priced labeling, and similar components. You’ll want to avoid adding an incentive for feedback in this step, which means any coupons or discounts should not be tied to reviews.


Although a honeymoon to the Maldives might not be in the budget right now, it is possible to revamp your Amazon product packaging for an affordable price!

Let’s talk about improving your product packaging and see how we can implement the changes you may require to maximize your Amazon Sales. 

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