How to Create A Professional Plan Of Action3 min read

How to create a Proffesional Plan of Action

No one wants to see their seller account suspended. It’s even worse when this happens, and Amazon is your only source of income.
When you experience this problem, there is still a light at the end of the tunnel to find. Suspensions don’t need to be permanent.

Here’s the problem: Amazon wants to see that you’re willing to demonstrate that you’ll cooperate in the future. The best tool for proving that desire is the Plan of Action.

What Is a Plan of Action on Amazon?
Since Amazon is an e-commerce authority with massive global influence on sales, the business strives to maintain specific marketplace standards.
They have set the bar high for what they expect. You’ll discover an entire series of agreements, guidelines, and restrictions on the site’s Terms of Service.
You agreed to them all before you started selling on the platform. When violations occur, Amazon has been known to block the product or suspend seller accounts.

A Plan of Action provides specific information that Amazon needs to evaluate whether to reinstate your account. That’s why it should include the following information.

What led to the problem? Amazon wants sellers to be accountable for their situation. If you provide a complete description of the issue that led to the violation, you’ll demonstrate the integrity they want to see. This step also lets you recount problems that might have been outside your control.

What have you done to stop the problem? Since you committed a violation (or were perceived to have done so), Amazon wants to know what you’ve done to prevent another recurrence. These detailed steps should outline every measure you will take to stay in compliance.

Have internal processes changed? You might have taken steps to stop the problem, but what can you do to prevent them from happening in the future? Amazon wants to hear about what you’re doing internally to eliminate the risk of accidental or purposeful violations.

Why Did My Account Get Blocked on Amazon?
Once a seller account gets blocked on Amazon, a Plan of Action is usually the only way to unblock it.
Although several reasons can lead to this situation, three issues seem to happen more often than others.

  1. The seller’s performance doesn’t meet Amazon’s requirements. Although one late shipment won’t usually trigger something this severe, a pattern of not meeting customer needs could result in this outcome.
  2. A seller violated a sales policy or code of conduct guideline. This issue happens most often when sellers send marketing emails to shoppers to divert them away from Amazon to an independent online shop. It’s also possible for purchased comment reviews to trigger this response.
  3. There is not enough seller information. Amazon doesn’t like to see incurred or missing info about a seller.

If you’re having trouble and need help with a Plan of Action, we can help you get the report written to submit for review. It must be an authentic report to make an impact, which means a template won’t work! Let us know what you’ve got happening so that we can provide with the next steps,  

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