How to Create Amazon Product Descriptions That Sell3 min read

A picture might be worth 1,000 words, but it is your product description that often sells on Amazon. This text is the first interaction you have with buyers beyond the title and listing image that earned an initial click. The product description is often the only chance to convince potential buyers to choose your product over a competitor’s offering. How can you create product descriptions that sell? Here are some best practices to implement that may help you see improvements.

Consider the Audience

Before writing the product description, it helps to think about the audience reading the text. Who will buy what you sell, and how will they use the product? Once you know this information, it is easier to tailor your description to address those needs. When you can address customer’s  pain points effectively, and with precision, you’ll have a natural hook that encourages buyers to pay attention and purchase your product.

Know the Rules

Amazon has several rules to consider when creating a product description that sells. That starts by knowing what you cannot put into the text. The marketplace doesn’t allow HTML code. It shouldn’t serve as promotional materials, include quotes, or offer reviews. If you have a limited quantity or the item is considered rare, these descriptions are not permitted. All products are deemed new unless designated otherwise, but the item condition is not allowed in the content.

The best word count for descriptions is about 250 words.

Keep It Simple

The best product descriptions on Amazon keeps it simple for the buyer. Think about improving the quality of your text instead of worrying about the quantity of what you write. Instead of overselling the item, list its facts and features. Think about what customers may find helpful and learn how to structure that information. Long paragraph blocks aren’t always helpful for the sales process. Using bullet points and separate lines for your product specs might be better. This principle applies to the language used for describing your product. Instead of using multiple adjectives and adverbs, try to simplify whenever possible. Don’t use fancy language that your customers can’t understand.

Focus on the Benefits

When buyers come to your Amazon listing, the goal is to find an item that meets their current or future needs. That means the description should focus on that element instead of promoting your brand or emphasizing the features.

What problem does your product solve? The answer to that question should become your product description. When it is clear how a product helps someone, it’s easier to get excited about using it. When that happens, you’re more likely to earn a sale. You have plenty of space in the bullet points to describe the product benefits and how they’re immediately helpful. Don’t be afraid to max out your text in this area.

Once you’ve reviewed these points, you’re ready to start creating an Amazon product description that reflects your brand and the benefits you offer. Using this approach consistently can help your business grow and your reputation as an Amazon seller thrive.

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