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The size of the Amazon marketplace means that a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t exist. Each seller, business, and brand must develop specific strategies that maximize their value propositions while demonstrating expertise to each potential buyer. It’s not unusual for multiple Amazon sellers to offer a similar product, if not the exact same thing. What makes a listing stand out from the rest is the quality of its images, the price point, and how the listing content reads to the buyer.

An effective listing shouldn’t be guesswork. When you perform split testing on Amazon, you can have more confidence in knowing that your messages are reaching the right audience.

How to Run Split Tests on Amazon

Most sellers skip the split testing process on Amazon. It’s understandable, considering the urge to start generating sales right away. The good news is that the time you invest in one of these options can help your listings outperform the competition.

Here are the ways you can currently split test your Amazon listings.

1. Create Polls

The easiest way to do split testing for Amazon listings is to create a poll on social media. Let people tell you what they prefer from the options you provide. You can even use an email list for this purpose.

This option works well for established businesses with a reasonable social media following or email marketing network. If you’re just getting started on those platforms or efforts, this split testing method might not work. You can still use tools that poll random people or work with Amazon experts that show different images and content to generate feedback.

2. Manage Your Experiments

If you’re a brand-registered seller on Amazon, you have access to this exciting tool that lets you perform split testing. It simultaneously compares two content versions against each other to see which option works best for your item.

Both versions run simultaneously. Amazon splits the clicks into two groups so that one sees the first option and the others see the second. You can find this option in Brand Registry under the Brands tab. It allows sellers to test different versions of their main image, title, and A+ Content. Just click on the “Create New Experiment” option to choose what you want to test. Fill in the appropriate information, send it through, and you’ll get to see the results each week until the experiment ends.


3. Manual Split Testing

Sellers can run their own split tests by running different versions of a specific listing. You’d need to monitor the metrics and key performance indicators of each one to see what version performs the best. You should only test one information piece at a time. That means you might compare two titles in the first month, two images in the next one, and continue until you’re satisfied with the results.

You can see significant changes to your metrics within the Reports section of Seller Central. When you stay current with the available data, you’ll have a better idea of how to communicate accurately and authentically to your potential customers. Looking to improve your current Amazon Listings? Reach out to PR Brand Marketing to get started on improving your Listing.


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