Amazon Storefront Tips: How to Entice More Clicks3 min read

Amazon Storefrront Tips

Selling on Amazon is also a highly competitive experience. That’s why it is essential to take advantage of every tool and resource the platform makes available to you.

One of the first steps a seller can take to improve sales is to create a professional Amazon storefront. This option gives you a customizable landing page on Amazon’s platform. 

Once you have it, these Amazon storefront tips can help you entice more clicks from shoppers.

1. Tell Your Story

Although the Amazon storefront is a great place to get some sales, the first step of that process is to establish your expertise as a brand. That happens when you tell a compelling story. 

You’ll want to discuss why you started everything, what sets you apart, and your drive to make the world a better place.

Shoppers are already looking for ways to love who you are and what you do. This content will convert them into your customers. 

2. Target the Pain Points

Some shoppers have an idea of what they want when they land at your storefront, but they’re still unsure of the specifics. You can use this resource to guide them toward the items you have that solve their problems.

You might showcase specific products based on the featured products or best sellers. Some stores might even sort by tabs such as Holiday’s and particular demographics, while promoting ads to that particular tab. For example, if you have chocolates for Halloween, you might want to place all in 1 tab and starting October increase your ad spent for that tab, to maximize your sales. 

3. Use High-Quality Images

Images are one of the core components of an Amazon storefront. If you don’t have this resource available for shoppers, capturing their attention will be challenging.

There is no place for low-resolution files when you want your Amazon business to grow! You’ll also need to review the restrictions and size guidelines to ensure everything stays in compliance with the platform’s expectations.

4. Use the Q&A Section

If you want to stand out in one place with an Amazon storefront, this feature is it. This space lets you demonstrate your commitment to shoppers while proving you know what you’re selling to the smallest detail.

When your answers deliver appropriate information, it can even increase your conversion rate.

5. Optimize Your Storefront for Mobile

Although Amazon’s website is already responsive, it’s up to you to ensure your storefront matches that expectation. You can take this step by previewing your items on several devices and browsers.

The goal is to ensure that your copy and images aren’t overlapping each other. When a storefront is challenging to view or navigate, it’s more likely that you’ll lose some business.

6. Measure Your Performance

It helps to use Brand Analytics to review your Amazon storefront’s performance. It’s an option you can access for free as soon as you’re approved for brand registry. It has more accuracy than most third-party tools, offers keyword data and search terms, and high converting long tail keywords. 

An Amazon storefront is a fantastic resource when you have the information available to make it successful.

Let us know how we can help so that you can get closer to reaching your sales goals this year!

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