How to Get More Page Views to your Amazon Listing3 min read

Traffic to an Amazon listing is like having more people come into a physical store. Although there aren’t guarantees that you’ll conduct more transactions, you do have more chances to pitch the benefits of your product. With millions of products listed on Amazon’s marketplace, it might seem like a challenge to get more page views. When you utilize the right combination of optimization techniques and tactics, you can drive more clicks and sales.

Here are the proven tactics that work to drive your listings to the top of customer searches.

1. Focus on Appropriate Keywords

The elements found in search engine optimization are like what you’ll find on the Amazon marketplace. Although algorithms change things, the principle remains the same. Focusing on relevant keywords while promoting the value that a customer receives with the products makes it much easier to rise in the rankings. Amazon offers suggestions based on previous customer’s requests and search activities. Consider using long-tail keywords that closely relate to your products, then simplify them to what you expect people to use when shopping for what you sell.

2. Improve Item Discoverability

Keywords play an important role in listing discovery, but it isn’t the only technique to use. Amazon wants to show customers the most relevant product possible for each search. You’ll receive more attention when you can prove that your products meet that qualification.

Amazon considers relevance by evaluating your bullet points, titles, and descriptions. You can also look at your conversion rate and sales velocity indicators to improve your status in this category. Some sellers lower their prices for a quick sales boost. Others increase their advertising budget for relevant keywords. You can even add a video or improve the image quality for your listings to “prove” your worth.

3. Ship Items on Time

Amazon wants people to enjoy a hassle-free shipping process. When items are received quickly and in excellent condition, it creates a positive customer experience that helps everyone.

That’s why sellers are often encouraged to use the Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) program. By sending items to a designated warehouse and having them shipped from there, the speed and quality of each transaction are seen to improve.

4. Optimize the Page

Titles matter in the marketplace today. Most consumers look at the star rating first, then the price, and finally the listing title to decide on products to click.

A great title describes the product with relevant keywords without being spammy. Stuffing it won’t engage potential buyers. If you sell branded products, it helps to include the brand name and manufacturer number to make them easier to be found.

Once the title looks good, it’s time to focus on the bullet points. They should be clear, precise, and hook the reader. This spot is where you can pitch the best features of what you sell.  When a listing looks attractive, it’s more likely to earn a click. If you communicate a clear value proposition that solves problems for a customer, you have a better chance of achieving a conversion. Once those outcomes occur, you’ll see more page views come your way.

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