How to Grow and Protect Your Brand on Amazon3 min read

As one of the most prominent marketplaces globally, Amazon is a logical place to turn to if you sell products online. Since it has so much accessibility, the competition is fierce. Standing out isn’t easy, but it needs to be done if you want your business to grow.

Although it might take some time to achieve results, some excellent strategies are available to help grow and protect your brand while selling on Amazon.

1. Use Amazon Brand Registry

The brands that grow have authority behind each action taken. Before you can start seeing clicks and big sales, you’ll need to have buyers trust you first. After creating your seller account, it helps to sign up for Brand Registry. You must receive approval from Amazon before using this resource. When you have Brand Registry your brand has access to create unique A+ Pages and Amazon Storefronts. Afterwards, you have more control over your account with how people see it.

2. Consider Pricing Adjustments

What you believe is a reasonable price could be astronomical to a buyer. Although you can’t please everyone all the time, it does help to keep everything at a fair and competitive level. Partner that effort with incredible customer service to start growing your brand.

It helps to understand your brand to maximize this strategy. What product categories receive the most attention? How does the supply chain affect your costs and pricing? Even a small change could reap big rewards when trying to grow and protect your brand on Amazon.

3. Use Brand Analytics

This Amazon tool allows a registered seller to gain insights and data about top searches, customer demographics, product comparisons, and other essential metrics. With this info, you can start building your brand strategies that include advertising, enhanced listing, and customer connections.

4. Harness Competitive Creativity

Although the Amazon marketplace offers tough competition, you can find several learning lessons there each day that help you refine your message. Use the successes of others to build a better brand strategy for your listings. Look for ideas in the hot trends list, then think about how those insights can apply to your brand and business.

5. Listen to Your Buyers

Customer reviews are a crucial conversion factor on Amazon. Buyers use this information to gauge where your listing falls on their benefits-and-risks spectrum. If you receive authentic critical feedback, listen to it. That person is trying to help you become a better brand. Everyone gets negative reviews, but the goal should be to maximize your four- and five-star feedback to encourage more sales.

6. Follow the ToS

Amazon requires registered brands to follow specific rules. If they’re broken, the issue can lead to account suspension. This outcome often happens when multiple accounts exist, poor sales performance numbers are associated with your listings, or you receive a copyright infringement complaint. It takes time to build a brand the right way. When you follow the best practices and work to optimize your listings within your branding, you’ll be on a path that often leads to growth while protecting your brand and business.

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