How to Increase Sales on Amazon2 min read

How to increase sales on amazon

Amazon’s marketplace continues to become more competitive each day. When more people compete for the same customers, it is much harder to earn the revenues your listings deserve.

How can you increase your sales on Amazon when everyone is trying to achieve the same results?

These actionable steps can help you reach the outcomes you want without compromising your goals on Amazon’s  platform.

What Are the Best Ways to Increase Sales on Amazon? 

1. Optimize Your Listing

A terrible product listing can cost you a lot of money. It takes a lot of work to get someone to even click on your item. Why would you waste that opportunity by settling for basic description mistakes and poor copywriting? 

The best way you can increase sales right now is to check for errors in the listing copy. Search for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or descriptions that doesn’t make sense.

2. Keyword Research

Keyword research is as crucial on Amazon as it is for search engine optimization. Even if you’ve already found 100 keywords to use, there’s usually more to discover. 

You might find different descriptors that help you get more traffic to a listing. 

Long-tail keywords are lucrative because shoppers use these terms to find specific products. If your listing shows up as a result, you’ve got an excellent chance to earn a sale.

3. Improved Product Images

People need to experience a product before they purchase it. Since that option isn’t available online, it is up to the images found in your Amazon listing to replace that requirement. Only a high-quality image will make that best impression, because this picture serves as the first interaction with a consumer.

Low-quality images always provide a poor reflection of a product. You need to show people what it can do and why yours is more valuable than others.

4. Get the Price Right

Some Amazon sellers deliberately undercut others to get the buy box. Shoppers want the best price possible, but they’re also willing to pay more to eliminate the risk of a bad experience. If you’re going up against multiple listings for a similar product, the correct price could be the determining factor. 

5. Use FBA

If you sell something for $15 + $2.99 shipping, shoppers will skip your listing as a third-party seller on Amazon. When you use FBA for your Amazon fulfillment, you can charge $17.99 and get clicks and sales on that exact product. You may think what’s the difference? However, now it seems like a deal for the customer, because they are getting fast and free shipping when using FBA. 

When you’re ready to increase sales on Amazon, our team is prepared to help! It doesn’t take long to optimize your listing to reach the results you want. Let’s get that process started today!

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