Differentiation on Amazon: How to Make Your Product Stand Out2 min read

differentiation on amazon

Amazon sellers are always trying to actively beat their competitors to gain clicks and customers. The only problem with that effort is that some listings don’t offer a unique selling point.

Before you can examine the idea of differentiation on Amazon, you need to know your value proposition for your targeted demographics. Once you can recognize those critical points, you can get to work!

Here are some ways you can differentiate yourself today without revamping everything you’re trying to do.

1. Use Packaging for Differentiation

A first impression matters. Your packaging and listing photos are the first things that people see when searching for what you have.

The best packaging options are bright, attractive, and deliver an accurate representation of the item.

2. Use Bundles for Differentiation

Product bundles encourage a customer to purchase more products. You can also offer multiple items together for a “combo” price that is better than getting everything alone. 

The best way to use this option is to choose items that naturally bundle together. You want the shopping experience to feel complementary.

3. Use Your Selling Points for Differentiation

The bulleted points on your Amazon listing are an excellent way to show why you’re different and better than the competition. Even if the improvements are relatively minor, you’ll find that offering shoppers this info can lead to improved conversions.

These descriptions don’t need to be lengthy to be effective. Getting straight to the point with a clear and honest statement is often effective.

4. Use Product Size for Differentiation

Some products are all the same except for one attribute. If you sell towels, mats, bags, or similar items, showcasing the size of what you offer can help you stand out. 

The item should make sense. Most people don’t want a yoga mat for five people or a blanket covering the entire living room.

5. Use Creativity for Differentiation

When you let your design process be innovative, that creativity can often set your listing apart from the competition. You can give shoppers some fun while browsing, and that sometimes leads to an unexpected conversion.

Simple product changes, such as a shape or feature change, won’t hurt your overhead expenses much. What could you alter that would make your listing stand out better? 

6. Use Optimization for Differentiation

Listing optimization is an excellent choice for sellers who want to differentiate and have already tried several other options. By finding and adding relevant long-tail keywords, you can drive more traffic to your listing. That means you’ll end up with additional chances to create a sale. When you get conversions, Amazon starts to take notice. You can eventually earn an even better ranking on your best search terms.


Differentiation on Amazon takes some time and effort to achieve, but it is far from an impossible task.

If you need some help in this area, let us know so that we can help your products and listings stand out in a crowded field!

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