How to Prepare for Amazon’s Holiday Shopping Season3 min read

Amazon's Holiday Season

When the holiday shopping season arrives, shoppers flood the Amazon marketplace to look for deals. 

That means you’ve got more potential customers and an extra set of issues to address. People have longer shopping lists, more discernment, and a desire to save as much money as possible.

If you wait until November each year to start planning for the holiday shopping season, you’re already too late!

How Can I Be Ready for an Amazon Holiday Shopping Surge?

Although online holiday shopping can create logistical crunches with even the best plans, it pays to be proactive about that time of year. You can stand out in this lucrative marketing by doing the following: 

  1. Improve your digital presence.

People are shopping online more than ever because of the pandemic. Even as stores reopen, coming to Amazon feels more convenient than sitting in traffic or dealing with people. You can capture their attention and money by ensuring your listings are easy to find and understand.

  1. Start using social media.

The best way to introduce your product to people is to let them see it where they are. That means it helps to have your brand established on a social media platform. Many sellers use Facebook and Twitter for this purpose, but you can also try TikTok or Snapchat for potential benefits. 

If you’re already on social media, now is a great time to begin revamping your presence or tune it up a little.

  1. Get into a holiday gift guide.

Are you relatively new to the Amazon marketplace? A holiday gift guide can leverage your presence if a shopper doesn’t know where to find you. This resource has become a favorite tool to discover fun and exciting presents for multiple people. It only takes a few moments to submit a request to get featured for most digital or traditional publications.

  1. Prepare for more work.

Whether you have 100% of your business on Amazon or you’re split into multiple platforms, the holiday shopping season could deliver a massive influx of sales. If you’re not prepared to ship orders, the issue could bloom into a potential account suspension.

It helps to gauge how interested your customers are in your brand now to know how much inventory is available. Once you run out of items, trying to reorder during the end of the year can be challenging.

  1. Look for ways to innovate.

Shoppers want to give gifts that seem interesting and have value. How could you tweak your items a little to make them more giftable? It doesn’t need to be a product change. Even something simple, such as an optimization effort on your best sellers, can drive home the value differences that set you apart from others.

The Amazon holiday shopping season might seem like it is far away, but it’ll get here closer than you realize! PR Brand Marketing can help you prepare for this surge in numerous ways. Just reach out and let us know what you’d like to accomplish!

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