How to Re-Activate an Amazon Account After Suspension3 min read

Amazon requires sellers to adhere to specific seller performance policies and metrics. If those decisions does not occur, it can lead to temporary deactivation of an account. If a seller’s account is deactivated, it can cause their listings to be removed from Amazon’s marketplace. This issue can also adversely impact the use of Seller Central as well. Anyone who had their listings removed or their seller account deactivated can appeal for reinstatement. This process is when sellers who believe their account was deactivated in error should follow, along with information that explains the issue.

Steps to Follow to Appeal Account Deactivation:

If you are ready to appeal your Amazon account deactivation, the first step is to go to Seller Central. You need to go to “Performance,” and then click or tap on “Account Health” to start the process. Once you get to the “Account Health” page, you need to click on the option to re-activate your account. You’ll receive several instructions to follow to submit an appeal on that page. You can include supporting documents that show your side of the story or create a plan of action that could reinstate your selling privileges.

After completing the instructions and providing the necessary information, as well as any required invoices, click or tap on the “Submit” button to send the appeal to Amazon. You’ll need to monitor your email to see if a decision from Amazon arrives. You can return to “Account Health” and choose the “View Appeal” option if you’ve received a response. You’ll need to go here if additional information or documentation is required for your next submission as part of the appeal process.

Most people receive a response from Amazon regarding their appeal within 48 business hours.

How to Create an Effective Plan of Action During the Appeal:

If your Amazon account was deactivated because of a potential issue, it might be necessary to create a plan of action that reinstates your selling privileges.

When you submit this plan to Amazon, they’re looking for it to answer three specific questions.

  • What was the root issue that led to the suspension decision?
  • What actions can you take that will resolve the current issue?
  • How will you prevent this problem with your seller account from happening again?

As you answer those questions, it’s essential to offer supporting evidence for each item. That includes any necessary changes to specific ASINs or products under review. Amazon may require invoices from the past year, so please remember to check the time frame requested. It helps to be concise with your descriptions and language. Be direct and factual. Amazon wants you to focus on the circumstances that lead to the problem. An explanation is needed for every issue that led to the account suspension. If a response for a problem is missed, the appeal could be denied.

As a final step, it helps to highlight the critical areas in your supporting documents. You can always return to the “Account Health” page to see the issues that led to the deactivation. Need help creating a professional plan of action? Reach out to PR Brand Marketing and we will create your appeal to have back to selling on Amazon in no time!


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