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People tend to leave reviews for two reasons. You either exceeded their expectations to such an extent that they want to tell the world about it, or the experience was so negative that they feel a duty to warn others. When you want to receive legitimate Amazon reviews, the goal is to get more of the first option than the second. In return, you can earn more sales because you’ve received great feedback, which leads to more opportunities for positive reviews.

Most people will leave reviews for products if a business asks for them for one. Amazon has some rules for you to follow to get them. 

What Are the Rules About Getting Amazon Reviews?


Amazon prefers organic reviews. Since that information is authentic, helping potential buyers make legitimate buying decisions when viewing a listing. Reviews are not permitted as a form of promotion. Amazon also has a zero-tolerance policy for reviews that could manipulate or mislead customers.

Here are the issues you’ll want to avoid when talking to your customers about leaving feedback regarding their transactions. 

  • An exchange of positive reviews for a free gift.
  • Negative reviews from sellers on a competitor’s listing.
  • Product manufacturer reviews that pose as information coming from an unbiased customer.
  • Multiple negative reviews about the same product from a single customer.
  • Reviews by a person with an indirect or direct financial interest in the item.
  • Information left by someone with a close relationship to the seller.

The biggest issue for sellers is that you cannot offer something in return for a positive review. Some businesses try to get around this rule by including a card in the package requesting a review in exchange for a gift card or credit toward a future transaction.

You can ask people to leave reviews. That’s the extent of the request.

How to Send an Effective Review Request

The best way to ask a customer to write a review for you is to write a compelling request. Look at the timing of your communication first. When you follow up with someone after they’ve had a chance to use the item, you’re more likely to see feedback appear.

You’ll need to think about the shipping time when making your request. If the item ships from one coast to the other, it’ll take more time to arrive than a delivery for someone a few miles away. If your goal is to have a high feedback score, it helps to avoid review requests for fragile products. Choose a product that travels well, has a consistent history, and solves problems for buyers.

Above anything else, aim to exceed customer expectations whenever possible. When you take the time to go the extra mile, it’s more likely they’ll do the same by leaving a review. If you address common questions related to your product proactively, it’ll give buyers the chance to enjoy their purchase faster. Reviews can help your listings get found more often on Amazon. When you implement the ideas in this brief guide, you’ll create the needed framework for a successful experience.

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