How To Recover from Amazon Account Deactivation Due to Inactivity3 min read

When Amazon deactivates a seller account, it is due to a policy violation. This issue can happen for several reasons, but the easiest way to avoid a problem is to comply with the rules. One of the most common reasons an Amazon account gets deactivated is due to inactivity. When this happens, the platform sends you a note that says, “You currently have limited access to Amazon selling privileges”

That’s when you’ll be told that the account was deactivated because of inactivity. You should receive instructions on how to re-activate it within that note, but here are steps to follow in case that information wasn’t provided.

How to Re-Activate an Inactive Amazon Account

Once you receive a notice that your seller account is deactivated due to inactivity, Amazon requires you to verify your identity a second time to re-activate your status.

Sellers must provide Amazon with the following documents to complete the re-activation process.

  • A government-issued photo identification, with the front and the back provided.
  • One credit card statement or a bank account register (PayPal tallies may not qualify for this required documentation).
  • A business license, if it applies to your situation. (Tax ID)
  • Information about your company, including who you are, what you do, and links to any data that verifies your status.

These items are what new sellers must send to Amazon to have their status authorized. If you have the original communication, resend it.If you must gather new documents, you’ll need to ensure that they meet the expected standards that Amazon has for them.

Why Did Amazon Decline My Re-Activation Request?

Some sellers gathered the required documents to activate an inactive account, but then Amazon declined the request. Although each situation is different, there are a few common reasons this outcome happens.

The most common problem is that the documents requested by Amazon were not received. Note: a landlord contract or a mortgage application does not qualify. You must send the exact required documentation to have a successful reinstatement. Another issue is having your name match across all the documents. If one includes your middle name, they all must have that structure. Your address follows the same rules. If one uses an “S” for “South” and the other spells the word out, you could receive a decline notice.

Your credit card name must match the documents. If you use a debit card, Amazon places a hold on it to verify its validity. Should that transaction be rejected, you’ll encounter the same problem.

It is not permitted to send screenshots. You must send the actual documents to Amazon. If the file is incomplete (missing a page), it will not be treated as an accurate verification item. It’s also important to note that Amazon doesn’t accept .docx files. When you take the time to verify the information on each document is accurate and matches your seller identity, you can re-activate a deactivated account due to inactivity. The best way to prevent this issue is to stay active as a seller.

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