How to Upload Product Images to Your Amazon Store3 min read

Amazon allows sellers to add a primary product image and up to eight alternate graphics for each product listing on the marketplace. You can upload product images and videos to your Amazon store using three primary methods.

  • If you’re creating a new product listing, use the “Add a Product” tool to add the image when adding the item to your store.
  • When an existing product needs a new or updated image, choose the “Manage Inventory” tool to add one to a current listing.
  • For those using inventory files, the image URL must be specified.

Amazon advises that it can take up to 24 hours to see the listing update after adding an image to your product listing. The site uses algorithms to select pictures, so there is no guarantee that when uploading an image it will be displayed.

How to Add Images to a New Product

If you want to upload a product image to a new Amazon listing, the following steps will help you add your product images to the new ASIN.

  1. Choose the “Manage Inventory” option from the Inventory dropdown menu found in Seller Central.
  2. Click “Add a Product,” which is at the top right of the page OR choose this command from Seller Central’s Inventory menu.
  3. Find “Create a New Product Listing” and click on the link. Browse for the appropriate category for your items.
  4. Complete the fields found under the “Offer” and “Vital Info” tabs.
  5. When you get to the Images tab, choose the “Add Images” command.
  6. You’ll have a pop-up window appear. Choose “Browse” from the Images tab for the first empty placement. Your main image is the slot on the top left of this page.
  7. Choose an image you want to upload from your computer or device, then click “Open.”
  8. Click on “Save and Finish.” This step will add your selected image to the Amazon Listing.

What If I Already Have an Amazon Listing?

If you already have a product listed on Amazon, it is still possible to upload new images to your Amazon store. The steps are a little different since the listing already exists.

Here are the steps you’ll want to follow to have a successful listing upload.

  1. After accessing your dashboard, choose the dropdown menu from “Inventory.”
  2. Choose the “Manage Inventory” option.
  3. Now find the “Images” tab. You’ll need to scroll to the section for your image recommendations.
  4. You can click the “Upload” command for any of the empty image slots. The main image is still in the top left space on this page.
  5. Choose an image you want to upload from your computer or device, then click “Open.”
  6. Click on “Save.” This step will add your selected image to an existing Amazon Listing.

Some sellers might experience issues uploading their images. If an invalid URL format error occurs, Amazon’s help section can help you find solutions to the exact problem you face. Search for “image error” to start the resolution process.

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