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Organic vs. paid sales

Billions of searches occur every day on search engines, to help customers find a specific product they are looking to buy. Therefore, its imperative to make sure your product listing is ranked organically and bring extra traffic to your listing through PPC.

Typically 80% of your Amazon Traffic comes from an organic search, while 20% occurs through paid search.

What Is the Difference Between Organic vs. Paid Sales?

The difference between organic and paid sales involves the cost it takes to reach the transaction.

Organic search focuses on unpaid rankings in the search results. By offering high-quality content and expert solutions for shoppers, you can get your information found naturally.

Paid search allows a business to pay for prominent spots in search results based on their preferred keywords. 

Whendone correctly, both options can deliver an impressive return on your investment. Organic search can compound its advantages, while paid results provide extra keyword data that is often useful for search engine optimization needs. 

Many businesses decide to use organic methods because the cost is often lower while boosting credibility. When you start working with a professional agency that delivers PPC expertise to your investment, you’ll discover that something is available to accommodate every budget. 

When Are Instant Results Better?

The difficulty that businesses face when investing in organic results is the timeframe needed to achieve successful outcomes.

It can be up to six months before the benefits start arriving. If you’re in a competitive category, it can take even longer!

That’s why PPC makes sense in some situations, even when organic traffic is your preference. You can get instant results that lead to sales and revenue figures while the SEO efforts start building. They work together to create positive and reliable results.

The two options work in combination to create a positive cycle that encourages value. When search engines see this expertise, they start looking at whether your information is better. 

When you advertise online, you’ll also receive some crucial data points that can help with other marketing efforts. The data from a paid campaign can help you produce new content to target additional keywords.

Let’s say your PPC efforts deliver substantial clicks and conversions on two specific long-tail keywords. That information lets you know that a service page or additional products that meet those needs would be helpful. 

Another way that both options work together involves the shoppers they attract. These investments find people who are ready to buy what you have right now. The only things they need are the directions to your company and proof that you can deliver. 

Although ad bids and costs can feel like they get out of control quickly, our team can help you find a meaningful solution that drives hot leads to your preferred listings, pages, or posts. Please let us know how we can help, and we’ll get that conversation started soon!

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