Product Inserts: How to Add Value to the Amazon Experience3 min read

Product Insert

Most Amazon sellers add an insert to their product packaging. This small investment helps to build a brand, offer a discount, or even request a product review.

What many shoppers don’t realize is that these efforts are often contrary to Amazon’s policies.

Although Amazon doesn’t have a specific policy about package inserts, the guidelines for customer communication apply to this issue. If customers complain or test buys occur, a violation could result in account suspension.

When product inserts are used well and remain in compliance, they serve as a powerful way to build your reputation. 


What Are the Benefits of Adding a Product Insert?

Individual brands can stand out in several unique ways with how Amazon structures marketplace content today. Features like Amazon Stores and A+ Content have changed how shoppers interact with companies. 

Even with those benefits, a consumer who uses a buy box with a standard search might not see all the work you put into your branding.


That’s why the benefits of adding inserts to your product packaging are worth considering. Here is why the investment is worth reviewing.


  • You can offer customer support in tangible ways to answer questions, avoid complaints, or deal with specific issues.

  • It gives you a chance to ask for feedback in a neutral way to help build your reputation on Amazon.

  • You can ask buyers to share your product on social media

  • You can offer discounts or promotions on future sales

  • You can create some separation of your brand from the marketplace, creating potential opportunities to find your items independently.


Although some sellers put the hammer down on the idea of adding inserts to product packaging, Amazon doesn’t have a specific policy against using them. What you must follow with this investment is how you communicate with your customers. 


What Are the Expectations of Buyer-Seller Messaging?

When you look at Amazon’s guidelines for speaking with customers, two crucial restrictions can apply to product inserts.

The first involves asking for feedback. You are not allowed to ask a customer to write a positive review for their purchase. This guideline includes providing incentives for that information or attempting to direct a negative post away from the marketplace. It’s all covered in the customer product reviews policies.

You’re also not permitted to push customers to your website directly. Anything that might be considered as an attempt to circumvent the Amazon sales process is something to avoid. That policy is found in the sellers code of conduct.

That’s where the confusion starts. Sellers can ask a customer to leave them a review, but they are not allowed to request them with conditions.


Amazon attempts to enforce these rules to the best of its ability. 


Although some companies can get away with rules violations for several months, if not years, it is always better to err on the side of caution. Even if you don’t use FBA, you’re still bound by those expectations. 


If you need any help creating an effective and influential product insert, just let us know! We’ll be happy to create something that reflects your brand, while following Amazon’s terms of service. 

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