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PPC Amazon Video Ads Are Effective and Worth It!

As a business, we get it. You are looking for sales, profits, and return on investment. When those results aren’t quickly manifested, it can be quite discouraging. 

At PR Brand Marketing, we stay ahead of the curve by incorporating new marketing strategies that place you at a competitive advantage. 

Amazon recently came out with PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Video Ads as a new feature for product advertising. Which is found on Amazon’s Keyword Search Page, in between the organic and sponsored products.

This is different from Video In Search/Sponsored Brand Videos since this promotes individual products. PPC Video Ads are a way for Amazon sellers to connect with consumers by utilizing a content-rich video to showcase and describe the product. Although these videos are short in length, it showcases powerful product benefits that attract buyers. 

The perfect product video consists of the following: 

  • Short Product Video – that’s not more than 30 – 45 seconds 

  • Discusses key features and benefits

  • Shows the buys pain and why they need the product

  • Shows the buys gain and how the product will enhance their life

  • Specifies a clear call to action, so customers can buy the product

If you’re seeking impressions, conversions  and attraction towards your product detail page then you should definitely consider doing PPC Video Ads on Amazon. 

Here’s a list of our top 5 reasons why incorporating a PPC Amazon Video Ad in your product advertisement is powerful and effective:

Unique Targeting:

The concept of a PPC Amazon video ad is that you can target your audience by using top of the funnel keywords. Top of the funnel keywords is typically vague in nature since the customer is still contemplating what they’re seeking. Having your product being suggested early on, it brings awareness and consideration to your product; which will help increase sales significantly. This way, your product will most likely appear on page one. 

With awareness and consideration on your side, you increase your chances of winning new market share. Since your product is suggested to shoppers from the beginning, then it means you’re converting from the very top! 

Low Competition: 

Forget the competition of a sponsored product ad that’s saturated with competition. PPC Amazon Video Ads are a new concept that was issued in October of 2019. 

Due to this recent addition to Amazon, so few brands have incorporated it as part of their advertising. This makes it the perfect time to start! Be the brand that stays ahead of the curve, by seeing results in an extremely low barrier to entry – to the first page.

Cheaper to Run Video Ads:

Due to the competition being so low,  PPC Amazon Video Ads are cheaper to run. Since you’re not competing for the bottom of the funnel keywords that are pricer and more competitive.

CPC has been on average $ .93 rather than the usual variable CPC which has been $0.97.  Due to the nature of how the ad targets the top of the funnel keywords, video ads have resulted in high sales. 

Since October of 2019, there is a collection of results from 35 video ad campaigns:

Average Spend – $13,000

Average Sales – $39,000

According to Better AMS results, average CTR (Click Through Rate) for their video campaigns were .88% 

Rather than bidding high for a competitive keyword, you can increase your product result search by using top of the funnel keywords that place you on the first page results for a lower price.  

High Conversion-Increase your Presence: 

Statistics revealed that for Video Marketing 2020, 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. The ROI is incredible with PPC Video Ads. By using a video, you are creating an even more real-life shopping experience for the consumer. The consumer will trust and buy the product which in return increases conversion. 

Doing a PPC Video Ad on Amazon is an excellent and effective way to expand your presence. If your brand is simply non-existent in the Amazon relem, including a video product search can be a powerful way of expanding your brand presence.  Advertising your most popular products gives you the best chance to convert clicks into a purchase. You should also make sure these products are in stock and are priced competitively. 

When the right tools, strategies, and tactics are utilized–the results are well worth the investment.

Asset Repurpose: 

The power of PPC Video Ads is that they can maximize the assets you already have. With Amazon allowing PPC videos as part of product advertising, you can repurpose old product images and videos to maximize the value of your assets. 

Amazon videos have to meet specific video requirements. However, if you already own videos or content that can be made into a video, then you’re getting as much value out of that asset as possible; by extending its usage in a more dynamic and interactive way. 

By running PPC Amazon Video Ads you are taking advantage of the low bid cost, lack of competition, and the low-cost ACoS–you’re playing smarter.

Our team at PR Brand Marketing understands the world of Amazon advertising and its benefits. If you’re ready to take your sales and advertising to the next level– let’s get you seen, heard, and selling. Contact us today for your professional product video. We’re ready, are you? 

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