Social Media and Amazon: How to Drive Traffic Successfully3 min read

Social media and Amazon how to drive traffic succsessfully

The only way to reach any audience is to create engaging content that offers value to the reader.

Your content options for social media include pictures, videos, blogs, and more. If it captures a person’s attention, it has done its job correctly.

Once you’ve got someone paying attention to your social media content, it is time to start thinking about how to turn them into customers. These strategies can help to make that outcome happen.

Strategy #1: Send Direct Traffic

This strategy is the least complicated of them all. It can be implemented by any brand or business with a social media profile. All you need to do is create a post that includes a direct link to your Amazon sales page.

Most sellers use a Super URL. That means they link the product to a specific keyword where they want to rank. 

The goal of this structure is to achieve a sale while improving visibility for the selected search term. 

Strategy #2: Use a Sales Funnel

It isn’t easy to retarget your audience when using the direct method of sending customers to an Amazon listing. If that person doesn’t buy something, you can’t remind them of its value.

When you build a sales funnel, more opportunities to obtain demographic information exist. If you use social media to accomplish this goal, the customer can feel like they’ve got a direct connection to your company.

The best sales funnels let you build advertising tags, build email lists, and use other techniques that an Amazon page doesn’t offer. These steps allow your business to filter the traffic to receive the most attention from interested potential customers.

It’s a little more expensive than other strategies, but it is also the most effective having the best results. 

Strategy #3: Active Engagement 

The idea of social media is that people can use it to connect with each other. As a business owner operating on Amazon, these platforms let you start the relationship-building process with potential customers.

A simple chat sequence can let you address the primary questions or concerns customers have regarding your product.  This resource also enables you to guide the customer through the shopping journey to make their experience as positive as possible.

You can even retarget potential leads on Facebook without feeling invasive.

Are You Ready to Develop an Outreach Plan?

Social media is an excellent resource to use when you want to build traffic for your Amazon listings.

It can also be the tool that drives people away when your content and conversation chains don’t seem to offer any value.

That’s where we can help! We can help you be seen so that your value propositions get heard. That combination makes it much easier to sell!

If you’re struggling to get your Amazon listings noticed, our team can explore the various options that make sense for your brand. You can also find much more information about our other services. Just let us know where you need assistance!

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