Tips and Tricks to Succeed as a New Amazon Seller3 min read

Every business faces various risks when getting started. That principle applies to in-person and online efforts to connect with customers. Being an Amazon seller isn’t always easy, but it can be a rewarding experience when entering the marketplace with a well-thought business plan. Here are some of the proven tips and tricks that can help you succeed when you’re getting started on this platform.

Choose the Correct Plan

You can decide to be an individual or a professional when signing up for a seller account. Although there are exceptions, the first option is better to use if you’re getting started as a solo entrepreneur.

If you sell 40+ items per month, it’ll be cheaper to have a professional seller account.

Review Additional Costs

Amazon sellers pay several different fees. One of the costs that tend to surprise new sellers the most is the category rental fee. The commission on some categories is 8% or more. High-volume listing fees and other costs are associated with your selling efforts. It helps to calculate all these expenses first to ensure you’re setting prices that let you earn a profit.

Monitor Your Competitors

After you select the products to sell, it’s crucial to check the seller side of Amazon to see what the competition is doing. If you have several businesses already listing similar items, getting your foot in the door might take some time. The goal should be to keep your costs low so that prices are competitive without overwhelming your audience. If you sell items at a loss, it doesn’t make sense to be in business.

Focus on Fulfillment

When customers place orders on Amazon, they have high expectations for their delivery. It should be at their door quickly, without delays or defects, with options to track shipping. If something unexpected happens, they want excellent customer support.

Placing a focus on these areas can help you boost your Amazon seller rating. When you fulfill what the marketplace promises to its customers, you’ll earn a reputation that lets your brand grow. You can choose FBA, FBM, or Seller Fulfilled Prime for fulfillment. If you want to be in the Buy Box, it’s almost required to be FBA since Amazon knows it can rely on its fulfillment process.

Earn Repeat Customers

When customers return for what you have, the acquisition costs become significantly lower. Happy people are more likely to recommend you to others, creating free marketing through their reviews. You can have customers keep coming back by selling high-quality products, offering incredible support, and staying in touch to ensure everything works as intended.

Play By the Rules

Despite what some marketers might suggest, there are no shortcuts to help you find success on Amazon. Your brand and business must follow the ToS while following the same growth principles of any company.

The key to success on Amazon is to be the seller who works longer, harder, and stays more dedicated than the competition. When you can’t do that work alone, hire PR Brand Marketing  to provide the helping hand you need.

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