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Did you know, that 1/3 of consumer purchase decisions is based on packaging alone? Imagine you bring in a killer product to market, however, the packaging isn’t up to par. To think you spent all that time, money, and energy creating the perfect product, that won’t get discovered due to the subpar packaging!

The value of good packaging can either make or break your product. It communicates to the consumer what the brand stands for and the message it’s trying to portray. It’s the first thing customers see, even before seeing the product. You want to make a lasting impression, so people take the product off the shelf and add it to their cart.

Today, many hi-end brands focus significantly on packaging, that it became a symbolic part of their brand. For instance, when you think of the brand Tiffany, the iconic blue box with the white satin ribbon says it all. The luxurious jewelry line is distinguished solely based on its packaging alone.

Benefits of Good Packaging:
  • Boost Brand Awareness
  • Return on Investment
  • Differentiates you from your Competitor
  • Creates your Products First Impression
  • Communicates the Product Message
  • Stands Out from Others on the Shelf
  • Influence Purchase Decision
  • Instant Brand Recognition
  • Adds Value to the Product

People have this misconception, that packaging only adds value if your product is found in retail vs e-commerce space. However, that’s not the case. Nowadays, when sellers post their product online, they also include an image of the product packaging. These images make the products look more complete, and you will even see buyers commenting on reviews saying, “I love the packaging it really adds to the product.” While the buyers that are disappointed with the packaging, will comment “cheap packaging, I wanted to give it as a gift, now I will have to return it.” Reviewers often even add or remove stars due to the packaging or the lack of.

Things your Packaging Should Include:
  • Unique Package Design that Stands Out
  • Barcodes, UPC Codes, SKU, ASINs
  • Brand Logo
  • Hi-Resolution Images of the Product
  • What’s Included in the Box
  • Thank You and Promotional Inserts
  • Size, Color, and Style
  • Instruction Manual
  • Clear Product Images with Accurate Product Sizing
  • Cautionary Warning/Disclaimer
  • Main Key Points and Features
  • Manufacturing Origins
  • Compliance Certifications
  • Brand Tagline

Ultimately if you’re are serious about your product, invest in good product packaging. The goal is to have the product packaging reflect the value of the product. Same way you wouldn’t skimp on the product quality or design, make sure the packaging holds as much eminence as the product itself.


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