Get Noticed More with an Improved Logo and Brand Name

Selling on Amazon is already challenging when you have everything right. 

The hill becomes even steeper to climb when you don’t have a memorable brand name or logo.

Your logo is a graphic mark that represents everything you are and what you do. It’s often the first thing that shoppers see, creating a positive first impression.

If you get it right, this symbol or emblem helps promote and aid public recognition. Doing this will make a lasting impression in just seconds!

What Are the Benefits of a Better Logo?

The best logos grab a shopper’s attention, even if a transaction doesn’t occur.

When you can make a strong, positive first impression, the customers move to the next stage of your sales funnel. If they get an adverse reaction, they’ll look for a competitive product instead.

Once you invest in an improved logo or brand name (or both!), you’ll experience more positivity while enjoying these additional benefits.

Improved Identity:

A successful branding investment tells a story that influences customer emotions. Your logo serves as the foundation for this narrative. Everything from the font to the color says something to the shopper.

Top of the Mind:

Logos serve as the point of identification for your business. It becomes a symbol that causes your brand to be instantly recognizable. If you think about Nike, McDonald’s, or Apple, can you picture this resource?

Tells Your Story:

When you dare to be different with a logo, it can tell shoppers how you set yourself apart from others in your industry. It serves as a forum to convey values while communicating specific facts about the business.

Fosters Loyalty:

Consumers want to work with brands and businesses that offer consistency. As your company grows, the logo becomes more familiar to people, creating a perception of accessibility and trustworthiness. 

Meets Expectations:

Every communication your business sends out to consumers should include your logo as its centerpiece. When this image stands out, it lets people know what to expect with every interaction. It can serve as the first point of contact on your Amazon storefront, business cards, or in your product packaging. 


A logo influences the way that shoppers, vendors, and others treat you. It’s an image that gets closely attributed to an established company. Even if you’ve been operating for years without one, a new customer might think you’re newly formed without this asset.

Online Appeal:

When you can establish a solid online presence with a logo, the outcome lets you be distinctive across multiple channels. It only takes a few minutes to catch someone’s interest, draw them in, and get yourself some extra exposure. 

When working with PR Brand Marketing, you will receive a logo package that includes the vector file, 3D mockup, two initial concepts, and more when working with our team.

If you’re ready to improve your image, our team is ready to help you today!