What Is the Amazon ToS on Images?3 min read

When you upload images for your product listings on Amazon, each must meet the terms of service outlined in your seller agreement. Several product image standards are required when displayed as the main image on your product detail page. Here are current expectations to follow.

  1. All backgrounds must be pure white: RGB 255, 255, 255.
  2. The image cannot contain additional graphics, including inset images, or text.
  3. Books, videos, DVDs, and music should use the front cover art as the main image and use 100% of the fill frame. Cellophane, promo stickers, and jewel cases are not permitted. All other products must fill 85% or more of the image frame.
  4. Your entire product must be within the frame.
  5. The image must be in focus. It should use professional lighting techniques, be scanned or photographed with a high color rendering index rating (90 or above), and have smooth edges.
  6. It cannot contain confusing or gratuitous additional items that distract buyers from the actual item for sale.
  7. Images must be a professional photograph of the item or cover art. An illustration or drawing is not permitted.
  8. Offensive materials are not allowed.

What Are the Technical Requirements for Amazon Images?

When submitting images to Amazon for your product listings, you’ll need to meet a few technical specifications to remain within the terms of service requirements. Amazon permits four file formats for your images: PNG, TIFF, GIF, and JPEG. The .tif and .jpg variations are allowed.


The pixel dimensions for the image must be at least 1,000 or more in height or width. It’s designated as “preferred,” but larger photos tend to display better for listings. You need to upload images that use CMYK or sRGB color mode. The file name must consist of the product identifier to comply, followed by the file extension. An easy way to meet this requirement is to use the Amazon ASIN as the file identifier.

Any dashes, spaces, or additional characters in the file name prevent it from appearing online.

Requirements for Additional Other View Images

When you want to include other images to support your product listing, the ToS requirements are less stringent than they are for the main image. The uploaded image must pertain to, or be of, the product you’re selling. Amazon requires the photograph to be in focus and follow the lighting rules of the main image. You can use other objects or products to demonstrate the scale or use of the item you’re selling in this image category.

The props and products should fill at least 85% of the frame. It is allowable to upload close-up or cropped images of the product. Different environments and backgrounds are permitted, as are demonstrative graphics or text. No offensive materials can be included. When you follow the Amazon ToS for images, it’s much easier to have your listings to be found in the marketplace. These rules can change, so it helps to review the current terms periodically to ensure you’re still complying with them.

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