Why Is My Amazon Listing Not Searchable?3 min read

Buyers have two ways to find an Amazon listing. They can search for it using the bar at the top of the website or input a direct URL to the product using the ASIN. It’s much easier for someone to find an Amazon listing by searching for it. The only way to use the other method is to have a search engine index it or have the buyer receive the ASIN directly from you or someone else.

When the Amazon listing isn’t searchable, earning sales is challenging.

What Are the Four Main Reasons for Unsearchable Listings?

If your Amazon listing isn’t searchable, it’s likely due to one or more of the following reasons. By correcting the issue, you should be able to correct the situation.

1. There Isn’t a Browse Node

Amazon requires an ASIN to have a browse node assigned to it for products to be searchable. The best way to think of it is that the browse node works like a shelf at a store.

You won’t see something for sale if it is kept in the back. It needs to be on the shelf to be seen. That means you must select a specific category for the product. It works with a roll-up feature where each category can display the item. If your ASIN is for a smartphone, the ASIN would appear in Electronics, in Phones, and a more specific category of your choice. Some ASINs are searchable in an All Product Search, which means they received an “Everything Else” category assignment. You’ll want to change it to a relevant browse node.

2. No Offer Created

An ASIN requires an offer to be searchable on the Amazon marketplace. If it expires, your listing will become unsearchable. The only way to add an offer to your item is to supply the necessary data. That includes the quantity available, price, and launch date. You can add them through inventory templates or individually through the Add a Product sequence on Amazon.

3. Not Launched Yet

If you assign an Amazon ASIN with a future launch date, it won’t become searchable until that time. This issue corrects itself once you reach that time because that’s when you indicated it should be available to consumers.

Some sellers encounter this issue with an inadvertent typo. Check to see if you have a future launch date. If so, change it to a day that has already passed to correct the problem.

4. There Is a Parent ASIN

Parent ASINs are not buyable or searchable to enable variation elimination. This assignment forces buyers to choose a size or a color based on their preferences. The individual listings are still searchable, but the parent one is not indexed. In this situation, you don’t need a fix because this setup is normal for Amazon.

When you can’t find your Amazon listing through search, it could be unsearchable. Review these common issues to see if your product has a correctable problem. If you need further help, reach out for help from a trusted provider like PR Brand Marketing  or contact Amazon’s customer service directly.

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