Why You Should Create an Amazon Storefront2 min read

An Amazon Storefront is a great way to provide a detailed and comprehensive view of your brand to customers. This way they can see all the products you sell across multiple categories.  In addition, the Storefront showcases your products in an aesthetically attractive fashion, which gives a very professional look to your brand.

Storefronts can also play a role as a professional website.  Brands can showcase and select various products they want featured and hide their non-best-selling items. Amazon gives sellers the control to decide what they can add to their Storefront.

In addition, your storefront only includes YOUR PRODUCTS, you no longer have to be worried that your potential customers are choosing your competitors products vs products from your brand. Therefore, many brands doing Social Media, are quick to use their storefront as a call to action button as a sale option.

Benefits of an Amazon Storefront:
  • Increase Brand Loyalty, Identity and Awareness
  • More Sales and Product Showcase Control
  • Access to Analytical Data from your Storefront
  • Custom Storefront URL
  • Products Grouped Together
  • More affordable than a website
  • Acts as a Professional Website
  • Traffic/Impressions to all your Products
  • Customers can see the Product Reviews
  • Promotes ONLY your brand, eliminating any competition
  • You can upsell more products from your brand
  • Influencers can promote your entire brand collection
  • In general, people trust Amazon.com more than your Website
What can you add to your Amazon Storefront:
  • Logo
  • Lifestyle Images
  • Video
  • Design Layouts
  • Custom Images
  • Multiple/Tabs Pages
  • Home Page
  • Brand Information
  • Direct Links to Products
  • Social Media Links people can share

Amazon has templates you can choose from to make the process easier and smoother for both design and creation, but also provides a couple of different types of image slots.

How to upload an Amazon Storefront:
  1. Log into Amazon Seller Central
  2. Under the “Store Design” tab select “Themes & Design”
  3. Browse through the available templates and choose the template you want for your storefront and click “Apply to My Webstore”
  4. Click the “Customize This Theme” if you would like to customize colors, images, font and logo for the template. Select “Save Changes” to save all customizations
  5. Click the “Store Design” tab. Select “Categories”. Add the different product categories you intend to sell from your storefront. For instance – Men Gloves, Women Gloves, and Kids Gloves
  6. Select “Publish” and “Publish My Webstore” to submit your storefront

If you’re short on time or on a tight budget, a storefront can act as a replacement for a professional website. When you are speaking with respective retailers, you can send them a link to your storefront and they will surely be impressed!


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